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What is Thermocoagulation

Thermocoagulation Therapy is the latest name to describe advanced electrolysis treatment for skin tags, papilloma-wart, red vein, thread vein and melia removal.

This is not new, but simply a reinvention of a long standing treatment offered for decades in the beauty industry.

The treatment works by applying high frequency radio waves via a needle device creating heat within the moisture of the skin.

The heat is induced by rapid oscillating radio waves. This oscillation promotes a friction-like effect that rapidly heats tissure fluid causing coagulation or desaccation of living tissue.

The intensity and application of heat is controlled by the practitioner who adjusts energy levels to suit the type of anomaly being treated and avoiding as little or no damage to the surrounding healthy tissue.


No need to suffer unsightly skin anomolies

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Cherry Angioma and Ruby spots removed with Thermocoagulation by Geraldine Ridgway Aesthetic Beauty Services in Hertford and Essex. Servicing all surrounding towns and villages . Contact 01992 301 694
Facial Red Spider veins and dilated capillaries removed by Geraldine Ridgway Aesthetic Beauty Services in Hertford, Hertfordshire and Essex.

Cherry Angioma are vascular skin lesions on the skin which can often be raised. When they are flat they are often referred to as blood spots, however both are similar as they are a collection of blood vessels or dilated capillaries. In many ways they can be more unsightly than skin tags and moles due to the intense red colour. Very easily treated.

30 minutes £65

Facial red vein are also know as dilated capillaries and professionally called telangiectasia. They can be found on various parts of the body including the face, neck and decolletage. Often they can appear as a spider neavus, a red blood spot with tiny legs radiating from the centre that are referred to as spider legs. In general they are caused by damamge to the skin which effect the delicate network of superficial capillaries which are close to the surface of the epidermis.

30 minutes £55

Skin tags are harmless growth blemishes on the skin which can be found on various parts of the body. They are generally found in areas of friction so can cause discomfort when clothing rubs or catches them causing pain and discomfort.They can vary in size, colour and are often referred to as moles, however they are easily treatable.

30 minutes £75

Skin Tag and Wart removal in Hertfordshire. Thermocoagulation service to treat rev veins and ruby spots. Based in Hertford.

Milia are like little white pearls that appear generally on the face, although I have seen these on other areas such as the chest and arms. They are little plugs of sebum and waste secretions that are trapped under the skin. They cannot be squeezed and by doing so you can cause further problems like broken red veins and spider nevi.

They are ofetn associated with oily skin types but can also be a result of skin damage such as over exposure to the sun.

30 minutes £45



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